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The Institute

eHealth International is a philosophically not-for-profit, research institute conducting research on interactive, dynamic, Internet-based health and patient care - eCare - applications.  These applications include:

  •  Interactive patient information / education websites

  •  Internet-based disease monitoring and management 

  •  Patient support groups (threaded message boards and private chat rooms). 

The Internet in Medicine

eHealth International is on the forefront of development of the Internet in Medicine.  Robert Pretlow, MD, MSEE, CEO of eHealth International, organized a special VIP Panel at the 11th World Congress on the Internet in Medicine.

Its Collaborators

eHealth International collaborates with:

  •  Universities and research groups worldwide 

  •  HMO's, hospitals, clinics, and medical practices worldwide

Its Websites

  • - Interactive website for overweight preteens, teens, young adults, and parents.

  •  W8Loss2Go - a smartphone app research platform for investigation and management of child/adolescent obesity using the addiction model

  • - Interactive website for bed-wetting preteens, teens, young adults, and parents.

  • - Online patient/client monitoring and management


1/24/14: Dr. Robert Pretlow did a keynote talk at the 2014 European Childhood Obesity Group Congress on "Treatment of child/adolescent obesity using the addiction model"

2/12/15: Dr. Robert Pretlow was interviewed by PBS TV on "Childhood Obesity: The Psychological and Physical Effects."

4/14/145: Dr. Robert Pretlow did an invited talk at the 2015 Obesity Summit in London. on "Treatment of obesity using the addiction model"


4/24/10: Book published: Overweight: What Kids Say: What's Really Causing the Childhood Obesity Epidemic

2/14/11: Study published on "Addiction to Highly Pleasurable Food as a Cause of the Childhood Obesity Epidemic" in the medical journal, Eating Disorders

8/19/13: W8Loss2Go iPhone app at Flinders University in Adelaide, Australia.

4/7/15: Study published on "Treatment of Child/Adolescent Obesity Using the Addiction Model" in the medical journal, Childhood Obesity

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